interLED Lighting

interLED is a small but expanding business. The Business was registered in 2010 after much research and foreseeing the advent of LED becoming a viable source of low energy general lighting. Since then, we have gained a massive amount of experience in projects and sales of ‘only’ LED products. We are dedicated to this form of general lighting as not only a superior quality of light but also as a vehicle to massive energy savings for businesses. interLED has gone on to develop its own products that are manufactured and assembled in the UK.

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Mick Baines

Managing Director

With over 15 years of experience working with LED only lighting products, Mick has a keen eye for what’s good and what’s not so good within the ever-changing industry.

He understands the need for high quality lighting without breaking the bank, whilst also the need to protect our environment. With this in mind, Mick has developed a range of environmentally friendly, high performing LED only products that can be found right here on our website.

Alternatively, why don’t you give us a ring and speak to Mick or another member of our team, who would be more than happy to talk through our products and services with you.