Aylesbury Vale DC

The Client:

Aylesbury Vale District Council


Hampden House Car Park & Upper Hundreds Car Park, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Product Category:

Projects and Public Sector - Policing, Education & Local Authorities

Headline Savings:

Annual energy savings:£ 30,000
Annual maintenance savings:£ 5,500
Ten year savings:£ 316,000
Payback period:2 years
Annual CO2 savings:110 tonnes

Completion Date:

July, 2014

The Brief:

The existing luminaires were generally in good condition but the control gear (ballasts) were failing, along with the sodium lamps which were being continuously replaced. The client was seeking a retrofit solution using LED and incorporating a form of dimming to suit vehicular and pedestrian traffic. They were seeking a low maintenance cost effective solution, which would possibly include retaining the existing luminaires. The scheme was being funded using Salix finance and had to conform to this criteria.

The Solution:

A common problem with car parks and lighting design is with he inherently low ceilings. This dictates that a luminaire with a wide beam angle to spread the light is required. However, there is a need to keep glare down to acceptable levels, otherwise this could cause problems when driving vehicles.

We provided a new LED board, power supply and diffuser set to retrofit to the existing luminaire housings. The 30W CREE chips provided the necessary LED component fitted to an aluminium gear tray for heat dissipation. The diffuser spread the light enough to satisfy the design solution. The 30W chip provided 3500 lumens in a cool white temperature. Enough lumens to significantly improve the existing light levels.

Each new gear tray included an on board microwave dimming sensor. This would dim the light to 10% when no occupancy was detected, then after a set time would turn off completely. This massively improved the energy saving potential in this 24 hour facility.