Barlows Electrical

The Client:

Barlows Electrical


Sheffield Business Park

LED Product:

250 meters of exquisite Portico Lighting

Product Category:

Manufacturing, Projects, and Warehousing


Completion Date:

July, 2023

The Brief:

Provide an energy efficient solution for five brand new purpose built state of the art industrial units located in the newly constructed Sheffied Business Park.

The Solution:

After collaborating closely with the talented architects and their stunning visualizations, we’ve successfully designed and meticulously manufactured over 250 meters of exquisite portico lighting.
These bespoke masterpieces now adorn five state-of-the-art industrial units, enhancing the ambiance and functionality of the newly constructed Sheffield Business Park.
Our dedicated team’s hard work, creativity, and attention to detail truly shine through in this project.
We’re proud to say that we’ve not only met but exceeded the brief, delivering top-notch results that blend seamlessly with the architectural vision. 🙌🔦🏭
A huge shoutout to every member of the team for their dedication and passion throughout this project.